Gui Minhai has been detained for:

Gui Minhai

This site is dedicated to raising awareness of the case of the Swedish publisher Gui Minhai, scholar and co-owner of Causeway Bay Bookstore, Hong Kong.

Gui Minhai was last seen on October 17, 2015, when he left his holiday apartment in Pattaya, Thailand. Since then he has been in detention in mainland China without legal assistance or consular access. Chinese authorities admitted to having detained Gui in January 2016, after state-controlled TV channel CCTV aired a forced confession video of him saying he had caused a traffic accident in 2003, and that he had returned to China voluntarily to turn himself in. Other than this, no information on his status or whereabouts has been given to his family nor to Swedish authorities.

In October-December 2015 four of Gui Minhai’s colleagues were abducted. Although all evidence points to his four colleagues being under strict surveillance, Gui is the only one of the five that remains in illegal detention on the Chinese mainland.

Timeline of events

Timeline of events

Jan 03

Hong Kong police say there is no record of Lee leaving the city

Hong Kong police say there is no record of Lee leaving the city.  Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying says it would be unacceptable and a violation of the Basic Law and the “one country, two systems” arrangement if mainland authorities had made an arrest in Hong Kong.

Jan 01

Lee’s wife reports him as missing

Lee’s wife reports him as missing after she receives a phone call in Mandarin (they usually communicate in Cantonese).

Dec 30

Lee Bo is last seen

Lee Bo, co-owner of Mighty Current and Causeway Bay Books is last seen in Mighty Current’s Chai Wan warehouse.

Nov 13

Skype with Angela (daughter)

Two weeks after Gui goes missing, he messages his daughter Angela on Skype saying he has transferred money to her Hong Kong bank account, and ‘I hope you will be fine with everything’.

Nov 03

Visit by four men

Four men visit Gui’s Pattaya apartment after a phone call to the condo staff in which Gui gives permission for his ‘friends’ to enter and stay overnight.  They use the computer and attempt to take it away.

Oct 20

More people missing

Lui Bo, general manager of Mighty Current, business manager Cheung Ji-ping and bookstore manager Lam Wing-kee, go missing after separately visiting Shenzhen.

Oct 17


Gui last seen leaving his holiday home in Pattaya, Thailand with an unknown man who had been waiting at the gate for him to return. A few days later the condo staff receive a phone call in which Gui said he was okay and that he was gambling in Cambodia.